Events DateRace info
 Drepano, Patra, Slalom Tour #1 25-26/5/2019 NoR Official Results/Report
 NOAMA, Mati, Slalom Tour #2 22-23/6/2019* NoR Official Results/Report
 Pounda,Paros IFCA Europeans, Slalom Tour #3/Greek Championship (Plan A**) 8-13/7/2019 NoR Official Results/Report

 Karavi,Schinias, Slalom Tour #4

 15-16/9/2019* NoR

 Official Results/Report

 Loutsa, Athens, Slalom Tour#5/Greek Championship (Plan B***) 19-20/10/2019* NoR Official Results/Report

* Dates to be confirmed.

** Greek Championship Ranking will be extracted from IFCA European Championship.

*** Depending of funding, Greek Championship will be run at Loutsa in October

Ionias 40, Artemis 190 16, Greece

tel: +30 (693) 2208942

mail: info@speedslalom.gr

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